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Tell Me the Minute

This is not a poem, because I’m not a poet. It is symbolic request, a request I would ask, were I so lucky as to have the opportunity to sit and chat with you.

Tell me about the minute you decided to try and be happy, peaceful and content in your life.

Tell me about the minute you decided to trust. Trust in life, in others and in yourself.

Tell me about the minute you decided that life is good, in spite of those moments when it feels overwhelming.

Tell me about the minute when life became an adventure for you.

Tell me about the minute when honesty, compassion and justice became important for you.

Tell me about the minute the sight of a flower, a soaring hawk, a painting or the sound of a song or the reading of a perfectly written sentence made you gasp in wild wonder..

Tell me of your dreams, hopes and of those you love. I want to know these things about you.

Don’t tell me of your hatred for those others that are different. Don’t tell of your desire for money, or about your big home and fancy car. Don’t tell me of your political views or your dislike for (fill in the blank.) I don’t care to know those things.

I want to know the goodness of mankind. I’ve seen the wars we wage, the disregard we have for this planet and the waste we feel entitled to create. You need not remind me of that, I want to know about you.

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